Monday, September 11, 2006

Thai Carrot

I've had many a less-than excellent dining experience driving through Aberdeen on the way home from surf trips to Westport tired and hungry, and was thrilled to find this little Thai gem on the edge of town.

So far every dish I've tried has been delicious and my dining companions have had similar experiences. They are totally accommodating to vegetarians (vegans too), and just about every dish can be made without animal products. I had a hard time getting a strait answer about whether there was shrimp paste in the curries (the waitress wasn't sure), but I tasted a curry a friend ordered and it was really good and didn't have any hint of fishiness.

I've tried the Phad Kee Mao (spicy, red, full of charred tomatoes, a little on the oily side), the Garlic Pepper (good sauce flavored of black pepper and fried garlic over a good mix of vegetables including fresh spinach and cabbage), the Phad Prik King (possibly spelled wrong... bell peppers and green beans in a spicy garlicky sechaun style sauce), and had a taste of the green curry (rich in coconut milk, garlic, spices, yum.) All were really satisfying.

This place has definitely become my "after westport" main stay, and I'd recommend it to anybody hungry who is passing through Aberdeen.

Also of note: their Thai iced tea (sweet, creamy, slightly spicy) comes with free refills... a nice little caffeine boost to help finish the drive back to Seattle.