Monday, July 26, 2010

Sam's Sushi

Sam's Sushi in Ballard has a vegetarian sushi option that strays from the standard avocado, radish, tofu, carrot type: The Green Leaf Maki, which includes asparagus, avocado, cream cheese and shiso leaf. Much as I enjoy more typical veggie rolls, it was exciting to try something different and variety is a sweet gift for a vegetarian at a sushi restaurant.

Sam's didn't seem to have a tofu roll, so I ordered agedashi tofu for a little protein. I specified that I wanted it without bonito, and they were happily able to prepare the meal vegan. Woohoo!

The gently fried tofu with the smoky delicious dipping sauce came with a couple of exciting bonuses: a little pile of finely shredded radish, and a large piece of fully battered and fried broccoli. Yum.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I've written favorably about Paseo in Fremont before, but there is a second location that has opened near Golden Gardens Park in the last few years and I recently stopped by for what I can pretty confidently say is just about best sandwich in the city.

First I should mention that the new location is simple, but gets the job done and is great for summertime: You order your food from a bright pink shack, then eat it outside at some covered picnic tables.

What I love about Paseo is that they have an awesome vegetarian sandwich that absolutely lacks in no hedonistic way. It comes on a toasty hot baguette and is filled with marinated grilled tofu, amazing (somewhat pickled?) grilled onions, lettuce, and my favorite part: grilled jalapeno slices that have had some sort of magic infused in them that make them addictingly fantastic. All of this is slathered in some kind of deliciously flavored buttery mayonnaise-y sauce (I try not to think too hard about this part), and some lettuce and the result is 100% pleasure.

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611 Supreme

I am not usually excited about crepes, but recently went to 611 Supreme for a social engagement with some classy ladies. I was pleased that amid the somewhat fancy menu, I was able to piece together a nice little reasonably priced dinner: buckwheat crepe filled with walnuts and roasted red peppers (under $5), washed down with a whisky ($6).

In addition, there were good looking salads and other vegetarian crepe options (various cheeses, veggies, mushrooms, etc), as well as a really tasty looking cocktail menu. I was feeling like a cheapskate and didn't indulge in any of that, but it's good to know it's there.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Columbia City Bakery

I recently went to the Columbia City Bakery for a late breakfast. I had been there before to pick up their wonderful pastries (the almond croissants are a favorite around my house), and sat and drank a cup of tea, but hadn't ever stayed to eat a meal. They have a daily menu that changes a bit and sells out as the morning progresses, including many vegetarian items like quiches, fritattas, etc.

By time we got there, there were two vegetarian savory foods left: a veggie sandwich with goat cheese (strike: I don't like goat cheese), and a Caprese sandwich. I tend to view the Caprese as a greasy vegetarian standby that works, is good enough, but is often too bready and just not all that notable.

And for this reason, I was blown away when I bit into my sandwich and found that it was *really* delicious. The bread was well textured, salty and oily, and had an amazing subtle bit of mint in the herbs across the top. The pesto was fresh and layered on thick (I think this is what made the sandwich so good!), and the mozzarella and tomato were perfect. I savored every bite!

We also ate a pistachio snail, a delicate sort of tender flaky roll with a marzipan-like paste inside and crunchy, caramelized pistachio bits on the outside.

I don't generally drink coffee, but felt indulgent on this day and ordered a delicious mocha. I love a mocha made with real quality chocolate, and this one was awesome.

Going to have to remember the bakery as a good place to get more than just pastries!

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