Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cutting Board

I have always coveted Bento boxes, the Japanese delight that comes with multiple foods tucked away in separate compartments on a luxuriously divided plate, but they are almost always meat based and I had only partaken vicariously until a recent visit to Cutting Board Sushi in Georgetown where I was thrilled to find a "Veggie Bento" front and center on the menu.

The Veggie bento box came with spinach filled potstickers and veggie croquettes on a bed of mixed greens, fried tofu with pickled sprouts, salad with miso dressing, rice, and a couple slices of tough pickled vegetable. All of the main items were deep fried, which was tasty but not sustainable. I was pretty excited as I munched my way around the little compartments.

The sushi list was huge and had tons of interesting vegetarian options including all sorts of unusual items like fried yams, wasabi mayo, mango and apples, in addition to a variety of usual veggie things: tofu, asparagus, peppers, avocado, spicy mayo, etc. I would love to try some of the rolls sometime.

All that said, the meat eaters were less excited about their meals. Two of them ordered fish sushi rolls and weren't stoked on what they got. The other meat eater ordered the house bento box and was disappointed that everything in it was so greasy and fried and later complained about how heavy it all felt.

So I guess the verdict is still out. It may be the case that the huge vegetarian variety (lots of vegan options too... just tell the person at the counter and they'll tell you what's possible) wins it over as a sushi restaurant for vegetarians, but maybe the regular sushi isn't the greatest. I'd love to hear other opinions on the place.

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