Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cafe Vita, Seward Park

5028 Wilson Ave. S
Seattle, WA 98118
(206) 721-0111

I was really surprised to be really pleased with the food at Cafe Vita. Instead of the more common vegetarian option of the caprese-family greasy panini I've come to associate with an afternoon at a coffeeshop (tasty, but ugh, eaten in conjunction with sitting in front of my computer for hours makes me feel like I need some exercise), the Seward Park Cafe Vita (maybe the others too, I don't know yet...) has employed a refrigerated case next to the pastries that holds a wonderful assortment of healthy vegetarian goodies. There are a bunch of sandwiches that are along the lines of tuna/egg salad when I checked, but more interesting are the pre-prepared meals of dishes like sesame noodles with tofu, and steamed broccoli and various greens with chunks of stirfried tofu (this is the one that I had) . Also in the case is a selection of the extremely delicious (but certainly not low-fat) Greek God yogurt in flavours like fig and honey. It felt so good to have a reasonable meal in a setting like this. I felt full and healthy and happy after eating.

So healthy and happy, in fact, that I felt downright good about the next phase of sustenance, the vegan brownie. Many of the Cafe Vita pastries are vegan, and they always look wonderfully tempting and I've purchased the frosted brownie on multiple occasions always hoping that perhaps *this time* it will be as good as it looks. Unfortunately, it has never fully satisfied... I've certainly eaten some tasty vegan baked goods, so can't necessarily blame the blah on the missing butter. But there is something missing, and I think I've learned my lesson in that department for a while.

It's probably better anyway to focus on the real food, because it is a real treat. Thank you Cafe Vita!

Caffe Vita Coffee Roasting Company in Seattle

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