Monday, January 19, 2009

Fremont Coffee

I end up spending a lot of time at coffee shops, and a day at the Fremont Coffeehouse is always a pleasure. To begin with, I love the layout of the place. It resides in an old house with a maze of little rooms and tables tucked into nooks everywhere.

They have a nice selection of beverages, including my current favorite tea, "Black Velvet," which is black tea with licorice and ginseng. They also have, in addition to all of the regular coffee drinks, unusual sodas from nearby Real Soda, and reasonably priced alcohol (tallboy PBR = $1.50. Wines and fancier beers = a little bit more).

The food is a pleasure too, and is vegetarian for the most part. They have quiches (vegetarian and not) and baked goods and mac and cheese and a list of a half-dozen or so sandwiches including many vegetarian options: caprese, grilled cheese with tomatoes and garlic, and one with mushroom field roast. I recently ordered the field roast sandwich, and was pleasantly surprised.
For starters, it was thin. The bread was thin, the innards were sliced thin, and when all grilled up, the proportions were perfect for my tastes. Inside was field roast, tomatoes, mozzarella, and some kind of creamy pesto. It came with a big pile of thick cut potato chips and a couple of dill pickle spears.

I appreciate a little variety in my coffee shop food, and especially appreciate a sandwich with more than just cheese inside.

Fremont Coffee Company
(206) 632-3633
459 N 36th St
Seattle, WA 98103

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Nina said...

I love this coffee house! I had an amazing drink called a Ginger Shot there. And their caprese sandwich is definitely worth getting!