Thursday, December 3, 2009


Had lunch today at Awash, an Eritrean/Ethiopian restaurant across the street from Empire Espresso in Columbia City. The meal was tasty and reasonably priced, and I don't really understand why my dining companion and I were the only patrons in the place. We split the veggie combo, and it came with an additional plate heaped with injera that made us both waddle full.

The veggie platter came with three different types of lentils, curried potatoes, greens, okra and the typical sort of Ethiopian restaurant Romain lettuce salad with the lemon salt dressing I love so much.

The food was good... lots of variety and flavor and not too salty. Again, I wonder, where was everybody?

As the only lunch patrons we were lavished individual service, and were brought a personal space heater for our table region because it was a particularly cold day.

I asked the nice older waitress about the situation with the use of niter kebbeh (clarified butter), and she said that they do indeed (unfortunately for the vegans) use it.

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Radish King said...

Wow. I've really got to get out my neighborhood. I've never had Ethiopian food! I can't wait to try this. Thank you.

Tofu Hunter said...

Oh Radish King!! You should absolutely come down and give it a try... it is an example of a cuisine isn't second class. And it is generally quite inexpensive too.

T. said...

Tofu, the Ethiopian place over on Rainier across from Walgreen's is really good too! (Can't remember the name.)

Tofu Hunter said...

It sounds like you mean "Tagla", which is right at Genesee and Rainier. I hope to give it a try soon, good suggestion!