Friday, February 26, 2010

Mana'e Goodz n Grindz

I just got back from Molokai, Hawaii where I stayed with some friends on their farm/food forest. We mostly cooked healthy, delicious fresh food every night, but took a brief excursion to the land of the deep fryer one day at Mana'e Goodz n Grindz on the east end. The group was looking forward to fried chicken, chicken katsu, french fries, and a special mustard/mayonaise dip. I was looking forward to whatever I could find that was vegetarian, and was really excited to see a veggie burger on the menu.

The garden burger was freshly grilled and served on a soft warm bun. The fries were hot and crisp, and the special sauce was tasty. We ate outside at a picnic table under the shade of a large tree. There aren't a ton of restaurants on Molokai, and this one was a nice treat made especially appealing by the vegetarian option. Thank you sweet Kathy!

Mana'e Goodz n Grindz
Burgers, sandwiches, plate lunches
At Puko'o
Mauka side Hwy 450 east 15.8 miles


Stacy said...

mmm nothing beats a good messy garden burger and fries! I'd pass on the onions too.
Your friends' farm sounds wonderful.

Tofu Hunter said...

Hi Stacy, Indeed the farm, and Molokai in general, are just fantastic. Thanks for the comment (and good eye with the thick cut raw onions!) :)