Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ruffage Natural Foods

After a brisk early morning hike up Koko Crater (AKA Kohelepelepe, said to be the imprint left by the vagina of Pele's sister Kapo), an Oah'u friend and I chased down a restaurant that I had read about: Ruffage Natural Foods on Kuhio in Waikiki in Honolulu.

The place is part health food store, part juice bar, part restaurant, and I was stoked to see many concerted vegetarian and vegan choices (there were meat options as well) on the menu. He ordered a vegetarian burrito that came full of beans and avocado and smothered in vegan chili.

I ordered the vegetarian chili dog, which came on a soft bun with pickled jalapenos, vegan chili and cheddar cheese.
The food was a little bit pricey for the quantity, but I am always happy to find a healthy, vegan/vegetarian refuge. Thanks K for showing me around!

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Devon said...

I don't think you eat fish/sushi but in Ruffage Natural Foods by night is one of the most AMAZING sushi places. Morio's sushi. If you do eat sushi, try it. Seriously. That store/shop/restaurant is hilarious. Totally flys under the radar/

Tofu Hunter said...

Hi Devon, Yeah, you're right, I don't eat fish sushi but can appreciate a good veggie roll. I wish I spent more time in Honolulu! THanks for the comment!