Monday, August 23, 2010

El Paraiso Mexican Grill

I was recently in Everett at dinner time and stumbled upon El Pariaso Mexican Grill. I was initially a little skeptical about vegetarian options at a "grill" but a quick glance at the menu calmed my fears and excited my appetite.

While we waited for a table, the host encouraged us to go over to a corner of the restaurant that was occupied by a little old Mexican woman cranking out fresh hot tortillas. In an unexpected and totally awesome move, she pulled two off the hot griddle and slathered them in butter and fresh salsa, rolled them up and handed them to us. Off to a great start!

Goodness gracious the fresh tortillas were delicious

The next excellent move was the presentation of the hot tortilla chips with good homemade salsa AND a dish of refried beans. We were giddy with pleasure and surprise.

The vegetarian portion of the menu was varied and had nearly a dozen options on it. I was stoked to have the unusual (for a vegetarian) dilemma of having to choose between multiple excellent looking dishes. I ended up getting a combo that included a Gordita (also called Sope), an extra thick corn patty covered in beans and other delicious toppings, and a spinach enchilada in tomatillo sauce.

The Sope was outstanding. I've had versions of these in the past that were pretty lame due to an excessively greasy deep fried flavor, but the sope at El Paraiso was just a thick version of their super fresh, super delicious tortillas. The spinach enchilada, also made with the fresh tortillas, was fantastic as well.

This style of non-region specific Mexican food can really be hit or miss, and El Paraiso is really a hit. Everything that came our way was super delicious and fresh, and all of the tortilla based dishes especially really shone.

It's also worth mentioning that the wait staff is exceptionally friendly, seamless and fast. So good in fact that I felt compelled to tip way over normal just they were doing their job so well.

Great place!

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