Monday, April 18, 2011

Senor Moose

Senior Moose has long been on my list of restaurants to try, and I recently, finally, went there with company from out of town. We started with an appetizer of chips and guacamole and it was really outstanding. The chips were thick and salty and so fresh the grease burned our fingers, and their sturdy texture was perfect for the chunky homemade guacamole. In addition to this appetizer, there were other interesting looking starters too, including one particularly intriguing pile of roasted, cheesy corn also served with hot chips.

There were multiple interesting vegetarian dishes to choose from, including enchiladas in some sort of special salsa, and a vegetarian mole made from "25 ingredients". I chose a dish that was made from roasted chilis, roasted corn, potatoes and cream. It came on a plate split down the middle with tasty black beans on the other side, and a plate of warm tortillas wrapped in a cloth for scooping it all up. It was some heavy dense delicious food.

Many of the salads looked awesome too, and I wish we'd had room to try some desserts, including both a regular and a chocolate tres leches cake. Oh my, got to go back!

PS: My one complaint was that they kept the door wide open, likely to vent the kitchen in the small and somewhat crowded restaurant, but it was a nasty, rainy, cold night and I had to eat with my jacket and scarf on. A cozy, steamy, warm room would have much better suited the food!

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