Sunday, November 13, 2011

Chelsea Deli

The Chelsea Deli is the relatively new deli in Columbia City, and I am sheepish to admit that the first time I visited I left without ordering anything because I thought the two obviously vegetarian options looked unappealing to me. I WAS VERY MUCH MISTAKEN, and missing some critical info: Field Roast can be subbed for meat on just about any of the otherwise enticing sandwiches. YES!

There is some personnel connection between the Chelsea Deli and the Other Coast sandwich shop up in Ballard, and the sandwich I ordered is very similar to the Ragin' Cajun I've had in Ballard: toasted whole wheat baguette, field roast slices, tomatoes, red onion, chipotle aioli, broiled pepper jack cheese. Greasy, flavorful, filling and delicious!

In an interesting take, the Chelsea Deli also sells jumbo sized baked goods, including this rice crispie treat (I munched on it for days), and brownies that seem to be about quarter pan size. Nice.
Another nice vegetarian-friendly food option in Columbia City!

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