Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Carlos 1800

My dining companion and I had been dreaming of tacos all the way across eastern Washington and it was with excitement that we spotted Carlos 1800 Cantina in downtown Winthrop (a town with an old-West theme).

I didn't take any pictures, but can say that it was a mistake to eat there. It is quite possible that the meat entrees were good, but we both ate vegetarian and our experience was lame and over priced. I ordered fajitas, and they consisted of a a bunch of (almost assuredly recently frozen) veggies (rubbery slices of orange and yellow carrots, soft broccoli, etc) in a sauce that tasted like the liquid from a can of tomatoes. My dining companion ordered a sauteed veggie quesadilla that came with the same wet, soft, lame-ass veggie mixture (minus the sauce) in a spinach tortilla with a little barely melted cheese. The quantity of "mango salsa" (a selling point for his quesadilla), would have maybe filled a thimble.

To add to our growing regret, the waitstaff had a few practical jokes up their sleeves that were of one of my least favorite types of humor: do something unexpected but not very funny and force your "audience" to react. For example: If a dining patron drops a fork and asks for a new one, return with a comedic fork the size of your leg and offer to them. See what happens!

Eating here reminded us that we were in the middle of an old-west Disneyland type of environment and that our hopes of a quality vegetarian dining experience were naive.

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TheRestauranteur said...

I'm so sorry to heard that we did't make your expectation at all, I will work hard in my restaurant to make sure we taking care very serious the segment of vegetarian guest. I hope in the future you give us a change to served you and treat you as only you deserve


Tofu Hunter said...

Carlos, thank you very much for your comment. As always, I appreciate efforts made to give vegetarians high quality food, and the fact that you care enough to write is meaningful. Your meat dishes looked fantastic (looking at other diners through the restaurant windows is what brought us in from the street!), and I applaud your desire to work towards giving vegetarians a similarly high quality experience.