Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Marination Station

I honestly don't know how it took me so long to visit the Marination Station (it is located upstairs in the QFC complex at Broadway and Pike). I had read about and heard about their "sexy tofu" tacos and finally stopped by to give them a try.

The Marination Station is the brick and mortar sister of the Marination truck, which drive around town selling items from an unusual Korean/Mexican fused menu. The truly vegetarian choices are a little scant (they use shrimp paste in their often used kim chee, so if you don't mind shrimp paste the menu expands). I ordered two sexy tofu tacos (at $2.50 a piece, not quite in the realm of super inexpensive taco truck prices, but they really are in a whole different league), and am here to say that the hype was warrented!

The tofu was well marinated, lightly seared (not deep fried, awesome!), and on fresh warm tortillas with vinegary slaw, pickled jalapenos, onions and a creamy, garlicky, gingery sauce. I could have easilly doubled the size of this order and finished my plate.

The meat menu looked amazing too.

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