Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kidd Valley

Kidd Valley provides the opportunity for vegetarians to partake in the world of fast food, which can be fun sometimes, like on a summer day at Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park in Renton. This park really is amazing... lots to see and do, including an appealing network of docks and floating decks to walk/hangout on/eat on, and a huge lifeguarded swim area that provides a very long protected area for beginner open water swimmers to get used to the deep water.

The vegetarian can order a veggie burger. They usually use Garden Burger brand, the cashier explained, but are currently using Boca because there is some sort of Garden Burger shortage. She was sure to warn me because a Boca burger can look like meat to the unsuspecting.

Also had a basket of garlic fries, which had the kind of yucky flavour of old oil, but eh, have to admit I ate them anyway. Blame it on the sunshine and the distractingly nice day.
Although I didn't partake on this particular day, Kidd Valley also provides a couple of my favorite milkshake flavours: banana, and vanilla malt. The vanilla malt actually has little crunchy malty bits in it and is delicious.

I don't eat much fast food, but have noticed the few times I have been to Kidd Valley in the recent years that the quality varies wildly. Sometimes food is fresh and tasty, sometimes just old and greasy. But on a nice day at the beach, the quality mattered less to me than it might have otherwise, and I enjoyed being able to sit with my friends and eat along side them. As always, I appreciate Kidd Valley providing a vegetarian option.

Kidd Valley
Gene Coulon Park 1201 Lake Washington Blvd N
Renton, WA 98056
(425) 277-3324

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Radish King said...

Kidd Valley in north Seattle on Aurora also has sweet potato fries!