Monday, September 8, 2008


Suddenly hungry for sushi, a dining companion and I were recently lured into Kozue in Wallingford by a street sign advertising $1 rolls. The waitress presented us with a paper listing their $1 options, and we were to mark on it how many of each we wanted.

There were quite a few vegetarian options, and we ordered avocado rolls, cucumber rolls, pickled radish rolls, inari, and a tuna roll for my friend. There were no tofu rolls on the $1 menu.

When the sushi came it was impressive looking on a large platter. But it really wasn't all that great: the rice was sort of too wet, and as a result the nori was chewy and tough and gummy.
I appreciated the un-dyed ginger

The avocado rolls were the clear hit because the avocado was the dominant ingredient. The cucumber rolls were overwhelmed by the mouthful of hard-to-chew nori, and the radish rolls were inconsistent: some were just fine, others were filled with very woody textured, hard to chew innards. The inari was so-so, again, I found the rice to be too wet and overall too sweet. My friend had a hard time eating the tuna rolls in the hot sun. It didn't help that I accidentally ordered her 2 rolls, or 12 pieces of this particular type.

Of course the price was right. I wouldn't expect a great pride taken in the $1 rolls, and I appreciated the deal aspect of this place. We both agreed that it would have been an awesome deal and experience had we just stayed with the avocado rolls.

1608 N 45th St
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 547-2008

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