Monday, October 6, 2008

T & T Seafood Restaurant

I didn't expect much from this dinner going in. There were 7 of us, and while the planner made the incredibly considerate gesture of calling ahead of time to assure me of a vegetarian option, I had gladly assumed survival eating mode (where the company takes priority over the food) and had very low expectations.

And the vegetarian options, while present, were indeed few. The menu was huge and dominated by meat and seafood. There were tanks of lobster crawling on top of each other and aquariums packed with frantic fish. The occasional peek into the kitchen provided a view of glistening bald ducks hanging from their drooping necks, and the large restaurant was packed with hungry diners seemingly appetized by it all.

The table ordered some steamed bok choy that tasted pretty good. It was covered in a garlicky cornstarch type sauce and sprinkled with deep fried garlic slivers, which were a nice touch.

I was really uninspired by the rest of the vegetarian menu (my personal taste is to fault... it seemed the majority of the few veggie dishes were mushroom dominant), and was thrilled and greatfull when the waiter obliged my not-on-the-menu special request: broccoli with soft tofu.
And I thoroughly enjoyed it. The broccoli was plentiful and lightly steamed, and the tofu was silky. The whole dish, which also included some steamed carrot slices, was covered in the same totally inoffensive and pleasing garlic sauce (with perhaps a bit of tongue caressing MSG) that was used on the bok choy.

I added a little soy sauce and chili oil (on the table), and it was satisfying and delicious in a simple food type of way that I tend to really enjoy. The main disadvantage was the oilyness of the sauce, but my dinner seemed to be dominated by lightly steamed vegetables, so I didn't leave feeling totally gross in spite of that detail.
Not the sort of place I'd choose to go to with a crew of vegetarian friends, but managed a reasonable meal anyhow.

T & T Seafood
22511 Highway 99
Edmonds, WA 98026
(425) 778-8973

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