Monday, October 20, 2008

Taqueria Guaymas

Taqueria Guaymas has multiple locations in Seattle, including a few called Tacos Guamas, and they are all more or less the same: murals of the same fantasy rural Mexico scene, horchata and jamaica, and a kickass salsa bar. The main difference between locations, far as I can tell, is the freshness of the salsa bar and the general cleanliness of the place. My current least favorite is the one in Renton, and my current best favorites are the ones in Fremont and West Seattle.
The Guaymas standard has fresh pico de gallo, not-super-hot pickled onions with jalapenos, very-spicy pickled onions (pink), a deep red pepper sauce, radish slices, a thin avocado/cilantro sauce, my favorite smoky charred salsa and lime wedges.

I enjoy eating here. There are a couple vegetarian options, including big burritos and tacos. I never really stray from the tacos because they are chubby, cheap and delicious. The amounts of various ingredients vary a bit depending on the day and location, but they always consist of: two soft warm corn tortillas, pinto beans, Mexican rice, pico de gallo, sour cream, a little shredded cheese, and a line of red taco sauce. They are generally burstingly large, and two tend to make an almost impossibly large meal for me, especially once covered in more pico de gallo and salsa and pickled onions.
Ordering chips is a nice idea, though I rarely do it for one reason or another. They come out hot and lightly salted and are really nice to have along side the variety of salsas.

I guess Tacqueria Guaymas is a chain, but it doesn't have the typical fast food chain (Taco Bell, etc) feel in the slightest. I once brought a Mexican friend to eat here, and he wasn't very impressed with the tacos al pastor, but as far as veggie taco needs are concerned, they provide. And I really do enjoy the charred salsa and other salsa bar delights.

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Ben said...

I love this place. Their pico de gallo is some of the best. It is also abundant. If a person was inclined, they could heap a pint or two of it on their plate.
Not that I would ever be so gauche...