Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pho on Broadway

The recent tiny explosion of summer inspired a trip up to Jetty Island in Everett for some kite surfing (him) and beach walking and kayaking around (me). Have you heard of Jetty Island??? Check it out. I don't tend to spend much time in Everett, but am stoked to report that there is at least one cheap, good eating option there with multiple vegetarian choices: Pho on Broadway. Excellent news for after Jetty dining!
Started off with a dip into the dining room fridge stocked with a nice selection of beers, both familiar and not.
The vegetarian part of the menu had a selection of the usual sort of miscellaneous Asian options... stir frys, Vegetarian Pho, etc, and one that stood out more than the others on a Vietnamese menu: curried vegetables and tofu, which I gambled on and was delighted with.
To begin with, the plate was beautiful in a bygone days type of way... there were four garnishes, a radish rose, a tulip carrot, orange slices, and basil leaves (all of which I eventually ate), the silver wear laid across the plate in a careful way, and the soft tofu (you can request it soft instead of fried) was arranged atop a big pile of soft white rice and perfectly steamed vegetables in a delicious, not too salty, not too spicy, not too oily curry sauce with a liberal sprinkling of crushed peanuts crowning the whole thing. I was thrilled at how good this was.

As we wrapped up our dinner, the very friendly waiter (owner?) brought out some unexpected creampuffs to top it all off.
It is always exciting to discover a vegetarian friendly place where you aren't expecting one, and even more exciting to find one with and actively delicious an unexpected dish. Yay!

Pho on Broadway
(425) 304-0879
1820 Broadway
Everett, WA 98201

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