Friday, May 1, 2009

Jai Thai

Jai Thai on Broadway has a rather attractive lunch special at their walk up counter: Red Coconut curry for $3. The version advertised on their chalkboard is made with chicken and fish sauce, but they have been happy to oblige my request for tofu and have offered on every occasion (so far) to make me up a special batch of the rich curry that excludes fish sauce.

What you get for $3 is enough food to make you full, for sure, though a large amount of the bulk is rice. The vegetarian version comes with a pile of veggies, mostly cabbage, a few large cubes of tofu (they asked if I preferred soft or fried), and a good douse of creamy, savory, slightly spicy coconut red curry sauce. It doesn't exactly feel like ratios that the food pyramid would approve, but it still tastes good and is cheap.I like to spice it up with some chili sauce, which is available on the lunch counter

On the days with nicer weather, they put one little table out on the sidewalk for anybody inclined to sit. I tend to just walk away food in hand, and recently suffered a casualty when one of my three jiggly tofu cubes tumbled to the ground. Got to be careful with precious resources!

Sorry, no 5 second rule for you

In addition to the red coconut curry, the lunch specials also include salad rolls and spring rolls (including tofu options), for $1, and Thai iced tea for $2.

Jai Thai

(206) 322-5781
Capitol Hill
235 Broadway E
Seattle, WA 98102

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umama said...

Too bad you are not in NY .... i need some good reccs!

Ben said...

I was there once when they gave me a much more travel worthy container.
Ask for your meal "to go" and they may still provide the better travel box, possibly avoiding another tofu incident.