Monday, July 13, 2009

Snappy Dragon

The Snappy Dragon is a restaurant that sets the standard for what I tend to look for in Szechuan Tofu and twisty, doughy, homemade Chinese noodles. Can't speak to the authenticity (I don't think I actually taste any Szechuan peppercorns), but it is spicy, garlicky, oily and delicious and a busy, well-loved North Seattle mainstay.

On this particular visit, we ordered appetizers, which I hadn't done before. He got a pork Hom Bao, and I got a vegetarian egg roll. The eggroll was as expected: greasy, crispy, full of cabbage and served with spicy horseradish mustard and some ridiculous but standard sweet red dipping gel.

I rarely stray from my usual when I order here because for me, a trip to the Snappy Dragon is synonymous with Spicy Garlic Szechuan Tofu. To receive this exact delight, one must order the Garlic Szechuan Chicken and substitute in soft tofu (there is a Szechuan tofu dish, but it comes with a different vegetable arrangement.) The Garlic Szechaun Chicken, substituted with tofu, comes with big chunks of bell pepper and onions, soft tofu, and loads of chopped garlic in a spicy red black bean Szechuan sauce that is NOT sweet.

We also ordered the handcut noodles, which are fantastic. You can order them either stirfried in some delicious oil, or brought to the table simply boiled.

As delicious as this food is, the mounds of garlic and abundant oil have the potential to leave me feeling a bit on the heavy side, so there are a few things I tend to do to make it feel a little bit lighter:

1. Order the tofu soft instead of deep fried
2. Order the noodles boiled instead of stirfried (the sauces are oily enough to plentifully lubricate the noodles).
3. Order without MSG. There is a note at the bottom of the menu that states that some dishes do include MSG, but that all can be made without it if you make the request upon ordering.

The Snappy Dragon has been consistently delicious for years and years, and I leave satisfied every time I visit.

Judy Fu's Snappy Dragon
(206) 528-5575
Maple Leaf
8917 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115

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Radish King said...

My favorite in Seattle, plus they deliver. Well done, Tofu Surfer.