Saturday, November 21, 2009

Red Mill Burgers

I am a Seattle native and hadn't been to the much loved Red Mill Burgers before today. I think this is not only because I have been a vegetarian since I was a little girl and burger joints tend to fall off my radar, but also because I've primarily lived in the southern parts our lovely city and haven't experienced much neighborly proprietary feelings towards the place (located on Phinney Ridge and in Magnolia).

Anyhow, a friend recently told me that Red Mill has a Veggie Burger section of menu, and today gave it a go. I was pleased, off the bat, to see the veggie burger section of the menu had multiple options: a standard veggie burger with basil mayo, a veggie burger with caramelized onions, and the one I chose, the Verde Veggie Burger with jack cheese, house sauce (slightly smoky mayo-type sauce) and a big fire roasted Anaheim chili.

The bun (kaiser roll, actually), was soft, the fixings were real (as in, green lettuce, fresh juicy tomato), and the big slimy slightly spicy green pepper was no joke. It was a good veggie burger for sure.
I was pleased, as always, to see a satisfying vegetarian option at a burger joint. Thank you Red Mill.

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Matthew and Gudrun said...

Emily, I LOVE Red Mill Burger, and you HAVE to call me next time you're feeling the need for a veggie burger, and the BEST shakes in town!

doreese said...

I'm from Seattle and I have yet to eat here!! It looks gooooood though!! And I love the rest of your blog too.. I recently just turned 21 so I'm just now beginning to explore downtown a big more.... I'm going to follow your blog =)

Radish King said...

One of my favorites. And right down the street (south) is Maes. You might have to stand in line for breakfast but not if you get there early on a weekday or any time for lunch. it's well worth it and vegan vegetarian friendly.


Tofu Hunter said...

Gudrun: Yeah! That baby needs a burger!! Doreese: Thank you so much for your kind comments and readership! RK: Breakfast can be a hard one for the veggie/vegans, can't it. Thanks for the recommendation!