Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Copper Gate

The Copper Gate is a bar in Ballard that was once a dive and is now a hip eatery/purveyor of interesting drinks.

I recently went and met two friends, a vegan and a vegetarian, who were waiting at a table snacking on a big plate of french fries. Turned out the french fries were the only vegan food option on the menu, and they were, by my standards, quite spectacular. They were cooked until deep brown on the outside, but maintained a soft, creaminess inside. They were sprinkled with salt and fresh dill and served with curried ketchup.

For a vegetarian, there are a few more food options including a cheese plate, cauliflower soup, and an escarole beet salad. There was a distinct lack of a "main course" type dish for a vegetarian.

To drink, I had a salty, sweet licorice vodka with an interesting name that I can't remember. I love licorice, and the saltiness was a pleasing dimension of the drink.

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