Monday, January 11, 2010

Naam Thai

Naam Thai is a new Thai restaurant in the Madrona neighborhood. I went recently for lunch.

I began with my usual Thai restaurant inquiries about the restuarant's ability to make various dishes, especially curries, without shrimp paste or fish sauce. And like most Thai restaurants, with the glorious exception of the super vegetarian-friendly Tawan Thai in Fremont, Naam Thai is not able to make their curries vegan. No problem, there were plenty of other tasty dishes that could be made sans sea creature.

I ordered the Pad Bai Ka Pow, which was tofu (or whatever meat) with veggies and fresh basil in a chili sauce. My dining companion ordered a dish called, "Absolutely Garlic," which was a similar thing but in a "rich garlic sauce."

My dish, kindly made with fresh tofu instead of fried

Our lunch orders came with a variety of extras: rice, a small salad of sprouts and cabbage, phad Thai and a greasy vegetarian egg roll. Naam Thai makes two types of Phad Thai: one with a tomato base (what we commonly get around here), and one with a tamarind base. For some reason my request for an omission of fish sauce and egg landed me the Tamarind based version, which was a nice variation that I liked more.

$1 extra for brown rice. Dining companion splurged, I wish I had too.

Both of our meals were quite delicious. The main dishes came in small bowls with plenty of very flavorful sauce that was thin enough to feel almost light.

The ambiance was modern, clean and light. There were a few special raised platforms with low tables with seating cushions that looked like fun.

Perhaps not the absolute greatest Thai place for a vegetarian because of the curries, but the food that was vegetarian was satisfying.

I should also mention: I ordered my meal 4/4 stars spicy, and found it to be pleasant (not overwhelmingly spicy). If you really like your food spicy, don't be afraid to go for the stars.

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