Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blue Moon Burgers

Blue Moon Burgers is a great burger option for a mixed vegetarian/omnivore group. The menu goes like this: there is a large list of burgers with catchy names and varied flavors, and you can get any of them made with a beef patty, chicken patty, salmon patty, veggie patty, or black bean veggie patty. Nice!

I had a Southwest burger with a black bean veggie patty. It came covered with pepper jack cheese, battered and fried jalapeno slices, spicy mayo sauce, lettuce, tomato, and sweet red onions, and pickles.

My dining companion and I split an order of fries, which were also quite delicious. They were skinny, well seasoned, and greasy as little crusty oil filled straws.

Blue Moon Burgers is an easy win for a mixed group, assuming nobody is offended by a fryolater.

Blue Moon Burgers on Urbanspoon Blue Moon Burgers on Urbanspoon

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