Friday, April 2, 2010

By's Drive-In

Ok ladies, this one is for you. By's is a burger joint in Sodo. It is no longer a drive-in. In addition to all of the regular meat burger options and fish and chips, they have a decent veggie burger on a whole wheat bun and better than average fries with skin on, soft insides, and a good brown crispness outside.
You know what else they have? Men. For the duration of my lazy paced meal, I was the only women (with the exception of the sweet Grandmothers behind the counter) in the very busy lunch time rush. Reasons aside, the place crawls with the less-fair gender and I suspect it would be a good place to go if you're looking to casually and spontaneously find a gentleman caller.

Who did they have? Construction workers of every age, shape and color. Bike boys with rolled up pantlegs and beards. Hipsters with glasses and low tight jeans with clean shoes. Professionals in expensive clothes and black jackets. Just about one of every kind of typical Seattlite eating a burger and sucking on the straw of a thick shake waiting for the lady of his dreams to waltz in and order a Lou's Special (bacon burger, fries, soda, about $6). Twas not I, but it may as well be you.

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linda ana said...

I've been going to By's for their fish sandwich (cod, thick, rich) for at least 12 years. When I come in, those gorgeous Asian ladies just ask me: how many?

I took my Dad there last summer, and they still ask me: "How's Daddy?"

Meeting men there? That idea simply scares me. They all seem so dedicated to getting lunch, period.

Tofu Hunter said...

HA!! :)