Saturday, June 5, 2010

Araya's Vegetarian Place

If you are a vegetarian or vegan in the Seattle area, you probably already know about Araya's vegan Thai restaurant in the U-District. And if you don't, woah gentle readers, consider this your lucky day!

Simply put: Araya's has a full delicious vegan menu and an awesome lunch buffet. For the most part, every dish I've ever had there has been a complete winner, the prices are good, ambiance is pleasant; I love this place. Araya's is a great restaurant to visit with a couple of friends so that you can order a bunch of dishes. Here is what we had on a recent, exquisite, vegan feast:

Tofu Larb: Little, garlicky lime covered tofu cubes sprinkled with roasted rice powder and served with thinly sliced veggies. You scoop it up and eat it with the green cabbage leaves.

Tom Yum: Delicious, fragrant hot and sour soup.

Spicy Noodle: rice noodles stir fried with tofu and misc veggies and chilies.

Lemon Tofu: This was the only dish that sort of flopped for me. The sauce was mega sweet, like poured corn syrup, which wasn't what I was expecting or wanting. I probably should have known better.

Thank goodness for Araya's! I hope they never go out of business.

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