Thursday, June 24, 2010

Aloha Ramen

I have long fantasized about Aloha Ramen up in Greenwood because it is one of the two (far as I know, the other being Samurai Noodles in the ID) ramen houses in Seattle that has a vegetarian ramen. I finally had the chance to eat there, and ordered the one clearly vegetarian ramen: Veggie Ramen.

The bowl came with bamboo shoots, broccoli, some sort of greens, corn and tofu squares. The simple broth tasted vegetarian, and the corn added a surprising nuttiness.

Overall, I could have used a little more excitement in the bowl... some ginger or garlic, or spice, and the tofu had the rough texture of raw extra firm tofu, instead of the lovely slippery texture of poached tofu that I prefer.

There were many other tasty sounding meat ramens on the menu that had vegan bases (spicy sesame paste, creamy tofu, miso, etc), and the waitress told me that many of the soups could be made vegan upon request. I think my inclination would be to do that next time!

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