Friday, October 1, 2010

Anthony's Pier 66

Dear readers I apologize for a second post in a row without pictures. I'll try to keep this short. I was recently forced (a rather pampered use of the word) to eat lunch at Anthony's Fish Bar down on the waterfront. The choices for a vegetarian at this establishment are limited to sides: french fries, coleslaw, chocolate chip cookie, or fish taco sans fish (tortilla with coleslaw in it). Essentially: NO GO unless you eat fish.

The exceptionally nice cashier suggested that I check around the corner at Anthony's Pier 66 proper (white table cloth), and it was there that I found a few vegetarian options: grilled cheese, grilled bowl of veggies, spaghetti with marinara. Still not exactly the garden of Eden but I asked to combine the bowl of grilled veggies with the spaghetti and had a somewhat decent vegetarian lunch.

This actually wasn't the first time I'd found myself hungry at Anthony's fish bar with a table full of fish-eaters. In the past I'd just abstained and pilfered unfinished fries from my dining companions as they made their way to the trash. It was a good discovery today that I could go around the corner and buy an entree to-go from the main Anthony's and bring it over and partake a little more wholesomely with my greasy-lipped dining companions at the fish bar.

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DB said...

eating fries on the way to the trash? Greasy lipped dinning-companions? What are you, a seagull??