Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wrap O Roll

On the way out of town recently some friends and I stopped at Wrap O Roll hoping to grab a quick dinner. The restaurant looks like a chain, but I don't believe it is. There were various vegetarian options on the menu, and I ordered a spicy lemon grass vermicelli bowl.

We were the only ones in the restaurant, yet our order took a really surprisingly long time to arrive. Considering we were hoping to make this a quick stop, it was sort of a nuisance.

The food that I got was so-so. The tofu (special ordered fresh) was tasty, and the veggies and noodles were nice, but the sauce was so disgustingly mega-sweet I couldn't eat it. A dining companion who ordered the same thing but did eat his sauce later complained of a stomach ache that felt like he'd eaten a massive amount of sugar. Not surprising.

The "rolls" are supposed to be the specialty here, so perhaps those are more inspiring than the overall meal that I got.

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Red Beard said...

The one thing I really liked about this place were the vietnamese sandwiches which I no longer eat as I am not eating meat at restaurants anymore. The pho is overpriced and only so-so, and the other dishes again are just so-so as you mentioned. Not a terrible place, but there are just too many other good places to choose from in Seattle.

Tofu Hunter said...

Hey RB! THanks for the comment! Just wanted to say there are lots of pretty good tofu vietnamese sandwiches around, so variations of this particular enjoyment doesn't need to cease with your new meat restrictions!