Thursday, December 23, 2010

Essential Baking Company

I had lunch recently at the Georgetown Essential Baking company, where I was treated to the lamest Caprese sandwich I have ever had. It is hard to knock the place because the staff was so friendly, but really this was ridiculous.

The small sandwich cost around seven dollars, which isn't exactly peanuts. The bread was fresh, as it should have been in a bakery, but the laughable innards of the sandwich consisted of one extra thin slice of coldcut style mozzarella, a piece of mealy tomato, and a couple of soggy basil leaves. One side of the bread had a faint drizzle of balsamic vinegar, the other was dry. WTF.
I know it isn't exactly summertime, so it is unrealistic to hope for garden fresh tomatoes. But this doesn't excuse the fact that they couldn't muster a couple of slices of thick fresh mozzarella or some additional sauce (more vinegar? olive oil? a nice pesto?) for the bread. Plus, for the price, the danged plate could have used some chips.

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Unknown said...

As much as I love their breads, the Essential Baking Co. bakery on Capitol Hill has consistently been a huge let down. Limited and lame vegetarian (let alone vegan) options and even the omnivore selections looked very below the standard of the breads that have made them famous. Quite a disappointment.

Shaheen said...

Seven dollars for a sandwich. My husband would have turned around and walked out.

Shame really.

Happy holidays.