Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pizza my Heart

I was in Santa Cruz maybe a decade ago when I first came across Pizza my Heart. I remember it then as being a cool, independant pizza shop with awesome pizza. For this reason, I was especially excited to find out that there was now an outpost in Monterey, near where I was staying.

Turns out Pizza my Heart is now a small chain, and the interior of the restaurant had a small chain feel, which was sort of a detractor for me. That said, they had a vegetarian pizza that was right up my alley: The Linda Mar, made with broccoli, artichoke hearts, fresh tomatoes, spinach, fresh garlic and black olives. YUM. This pizza was very vegetable heavy, which I completely enjoyed.

Pizza my Heart now has custom made hot sauce too... habenero, jalapeno and chipotle.

Another thing Pizza my Heart has going for it is some serious condiments. In addition to their 3 custom made hot sauces, they have this awesome little rack full of herbs and spices and delicious things to sprinkle on your pizza as you desire.

I guess the world keeps changing, and it's a good thing that these guys are doing so well!

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