Monday, July 11, 2011

Ducks and Drakes

For all the sassy posturing and raunchy dancing of Woody Goomsba, Leavenworth it is actually a pretty low key town after hours; a fact that was to my disadvantage one recent weekday night when I was looking for somebody to make me dinner a little before 11pm.

It was kind of a demanding circumstance, I realize, which is why it was all the sweeter to walk into the Ducks and Drakes tavern and find that they have a late night menu. The late night menu wasn't especially geared towards vegetarians, but pizza and nachos were options, as was the Southwestern Chicken salad, which I ordered sans chicken.

I did my routine menu scan of some kind of protein I could substitute for the chicken, and landed upon a blob of hummus, which they gladly (though skeptically) added for me.

I was very hungry and this salad really hit the spot. It was huge, and made up of nice deep green romain lettuce with corn and tomatoes and onions and cheese and tortillas strips and spicy ranch on the side. I enjoyed every bite.

Great to know there is a late night option available in little Bavaria!

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