Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tony's Bakery

I recently went to Tony's Bakery, in the MLK/Graham complex, to sample their Bahn Mi. In a similar style to Q Bakery (in the same complex), the bakery is full of both prepared packaged foods, prepared hot foods, baked items and sandwiches.

I ordered a tofu sandwich and a basil seed drink and took the food home.

The sandwich had some good attributes including lots of good fresh veggies, but there wasn't anything that really made it stand out. My normally non-finicky meat eating dining companion's pork sandwich was slathered in so much butter that he had to scrape his bread.

The basil drink was an experiment... I'd never had it before and wasn't sure what to expect. I was hoping for a lightly sweet, crisp, basil scented sparkling beverage, and was about as wrong as I could be. The reality of the basil drink was a mega-sweet, mega-viscous cream soda flavored syrup with basil seeds in little mucousy pods.

For dessert we chose on of the many interesting looking baked goods, and landed upon this deep fried hollow sesame rice starch ball with a seemingly raw, chalky dough ball bouncing around in the center. I found many of the Tony baked goods to be intriguing, but I think that my MLK/Graham tofu bahn mi preference lays with Q Bakery, if for no other reason because their bread seemed fresher and they have a spicy lemongrass sauce that I love.

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Ben said...

nice glass!

Tofu Hunter said...

I thought it was especially a propos with all of those little basil egg sacs floating around