Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Columbia City Farmers Market: GreenGo

The Farmers Market makes me so hungry. Even with arms full of produce ready to be taken home and cooked, it is hard to resist the exciting convenience of something fresh-made and healthy and ready for immediate consumption.

Today at the Columbia City Farmers market I got some food from GreenGo, whose byline is "Fast Food with a Conscience." One way that they express this presence of conscience is by preparing their food with local, organic ingredients, and another is by using compostable bowls and cutlery. They also offer a $0.50 discount for bringing and using your own dish.
Their menu is straight forward: they routinely make grilled polenta and serve it up with varied seasonal toppings. Today it was served under the name of the "Caballero," and came covered in azuki bean chili and served with a fresh crisp slaw that was made from all sorts of good tasting plants. It cost $5 and was delicious.
I also ordered the "Sweet Cakes," which consisted of grilled polenta covered in a rhubarb, apple, raspberry sauce and a little locally made hormone-free whipped cream. It was tart and rich and only a little bit sweet- a wonderful dessert that didn't overwhelm the healthy feel of the rest of the meal.
My meat-eater companion ordered the third and final element of the menu, the Organic Beef Cheeseburger. I don't usually get excited over the smell of a burger, but this one smelled outrageously delicious. He enjoyed it too.

The only complaint would be that the servings were just shy of enough.

I look forward to venturing down on Wednesday afternoons and sampling the various seasonal polenta toppings as the summer progresses!

Green Go
Columbia City Farmers Market
4801 Rainier Ave S, at S Edmonds
Wednesdays, 3pm - 7pm,
April 30 through Oct 22

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Nina said...

Australia LOVES The Tofu Hunter!!!

Thank you so much for your blog, even if I can't go to the wonderful restaurants you review, I get great cooking ideas from you!!