Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Roasted Corn El Oaxaqueno

I don't really know what's not to love in this rustic little corn stand. The experience starts with a Oaxacan man who pulls an ear of corn still dressed in its charred husk fresh out of a little red roasting trailer, then quickly shucks it and skewers it and garnishes it as you like it. "Everything" includes a brush of butter, a slather of mayonnaise, grated Parmesan and a good sprinkling of chili powder.
I ate mine with everything but the mayonnaise, and it was just right for me. Real slow roasted corn is always a treat... possibly not always the tautest of kernels, but the piping hot roast-y flavour makes one forgive that detail. The butter and Parmesan added richness, and the chili powder lent a slowly building heat on my lips that was a full on (pleasure) burn by the end.
Roasted Corn El Oaxaqueno is honest to goodness vegetarian street food. What a delight!

(In the parking lot of:)
MacPherson's Fruit and Produce
4500 15th Ave S
Seattle, WA 98108
(206) 762-0115
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White Pepper said...

i am so excited to hear this! i had some amazing elotes in LA last month. cool to see someone is also making it crack here in the 206.

nice blog

Thomas said...

Oh yum, elote vendors are something I miss from the US! My usual was limon, chile y sal, but if you go with mayonesa, limon y queso it's super creamy and doesn't taste at all eggy if they don't put much mayo on it .. you might try that if you can manage to not think about it too much :-)

It's almost grilling season... can't wait.