Sunday, June 1, 2008

Green Ginger, take 2

After a first (wee bit lackluster) trip to the Green Ginger on Vashon Island, I gave the restaurant another go and had a significantly more noteworthy experience.

My dining companion ordered a lunch special and got a giant pile of food that started with some tasty hot and sour soup. The soup hit the spot... savory, salty, sour... strips of wood ear and long skinny blocks of soft tofu and a little bit of egg (which I avoided) swirled in.
After my first experience, I ventured outside of my usual obsession of Szechuan tofu and ordered Salt and Pepper Tofu instead. I asked if it could be made not-fried, and the scrunched look on the waitress' face told me that she really didn't think that would be a good idea. So I went with the standard preparation.

And it was really quite tasty. The tofu was battered in a light and crunchy batter and quickly fried. The fry oil didn't penetrate the tofu at all... instead the inner tofu remained silky smooth and it was the crunchy outer crust that held all of the oil. Each piece reminded me a little bit of eating a good satsuma in that there was an outer peel, and then a bit of air before the inner goods were reached.
The cubes were heavily garnished with a delicious mix of green onion, garlic and chili peppers, and were mixed in with large shreds of green cabbage.
The serving were generous and I was able to take home a full second meal. I definitely rate this experience much higher than my first one. I think I must have just ordered badly (and with specific expectations) the first time around.

Green Ginger

9851 SW Bank Rd
Vashon, WA 98070
(206) 463-7788

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Nina said...

Thanks for this posting! The tofu looks delicious and I could imagine exactly what you meant when comparing the tofu with a satsuma. Looks great!!