Friday, July 31, 2009

Full Tilt

Full Tilt Ice Cream has opened a sistership to its White Center shop in beautiful Columbia City. It took a little bit of searching to find its location, which is just about a half block outside (to the south) of the "cute" section of the stretch, and is located in a worn looking stripmall on the west side of the street.

There it is! With the yellow sign behind the white SUV. I suspect there will be an awning soon.

The concept is the same at the white center location: homemade, high quality ice cream, pin ball machines, and all ages music shows. They have a rotating list of flavors, and some of the notables on my visit were: Blue Moon (a fruit loop flavor popular in the mid-west), Mexican Chocolate, Horchata, Birthday Cake, Ube (purple yam), Swiss Chocolate Orange, and blueberry. They also had three different vegan flavors: Chocolate Oreo, Lime Lavendar Sorbet, and Lemon Peppermint Sorbet.

I ordered the Horchata, which tasted exactly as you'd expect: sweet, creamy, cinnamony and delicious. My dining companion ordered the Birthday Cake, which tasted more like what actually happens in the bottom of the bowl at a birthday party than like artificial cake flavor.

Horchata up front, party in the back

There were a few flavors that I wish were on the menu that weren't (at least not during this visit): a good simple chocolate, and some sort of caramel/dulce de leche flavor, both of which are some of my personal favorites.

Something that I really love is that these guys offer "kids" cones, meaning a nice round single scoop that is non-taboo for adults to order, that costs just around $1.75. To my sensibilities, this makes a world of sense because I don't need or want a skyscraper of an ice cream cone that costs me a fortune. Bravo for figuring that out!

They also sell sparkling water and inexpensive beer.

Welcome to the neighborhood!

Full Tilt
5101 Rainier Ave S, #105
Seattle, Wa 98118

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T. said...

I've heard great things about this shop from my friend who lives in White Center. It's nice to know that they're doing well enough in this economy to open a 2nd location. A few years back, the boys and I had a bee in our bonnet to open an ice cream shop in Columbia City, based on a business model of one we went to in Paris. Alas. We're too late.

Tofu Hunter said...

I read an interesting artical a while ago addressing the increased presence of sweet shops in Seattle... seems these days we are bursting with ice cream shops, cupcakes, chocolate, etc, and the general idea was that this stuff thrives in times of moderate economic hardship because they provide treats we can afford. In place of the fancy TV or new car, people are treating themselves to the relatively affordable sweets.