Thursday, April 29, 2010

Turnpike Pizza

I recently went to Turnpike Pizza on Greenlake for a birthday party.

We started with a spinach salad. It's hard to complain about a pile of spinach, but the dressing on this one was only mediocre.

Upon receipt of the pizza, I was a little surprised, in this day of pizza snobbery and discretion, that a pizzeria in a popular neighborhood could get away with this sort of product. I found the crust to be so-so, the sauce to be overly salty, and something (the sauce? the crust?) to be way too sweet. Plus, it came to the table, theoretically fresh from the oven, with the appearance of having been sitting somewhere cold for too long. Maybe something in the system (me? them?) was having an off night.

This photo makes the pizza look misleedingly good

There are plenty of vegetarian options, and vegan pizza options too, but I don't think I'd waste the calories on this place again unless it was for a specific social function.

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