Friday, May 28, 2010

Burger King

Ok, let us skip the part about how Burger King isn't exactly a great place to eat and just say this: It is important, as a vegetarian, to know where you can find reasonable sustenance even in less than ideal settings. And Burger King, bless its tiny beefy cooperate heart, has a veggie burger.

I don't know why the bottom bun seems to have disappeared, I am sure it was there.

And you know what else they have? A strange and possibly innovative idea called Apple Fries, which are fresh apples cut to look like french fries. With an order of Apple Fries, you can trick a kid into eating a boring hippie apple by disguising it as something fun and awesome. I was intrigued by the decadence of eating a nice supply of peeled apples and got myself an order.

This is what the Apple Fries are supposed to look like:

This is what the fresh order actually looked like, complete with caramel sauce in a ketchup packet:

My snobbery dials were turned way down. I was not being an elitist foodie and was aware of my choice in eating where I was. And still, those apple sticks tasted like total crap. How Burger King managed to take a sweet, fresh, delicious apple and process it and impregnate it with additives to the point where it tasted like a small stick of poison is a sad truth beyond me. I ate one thinking maybe I just needed to get used to the flavor, but there was a chemically bitterness in those apple sticks that I couldn't get past.

I did manage to salvage some worth from the caramel packet.

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Jennifer said...

I'd say you're lucky, in that none of the Burger Kings around here carry the veggie burgers anymore, though after reading your sorrowful tale of that poor apple, I'm not sure if lucky would really be the best term.

I definitely agree with the premise though. There are plenty of places where the dearth of veggie food can force you to explore options you'd never have thought of before.

T. said...

One of my favorite things about this blog is that you will try any restaurant. (Although, to call Burger King a restaurant is stretching it a little....)

O! Sad little apple fries!

Radish King said...

Our Burger King (Aurora) also discontinued the veggie burgers. I was much sorrowful.

Kid Vally still has them though and so does Scooters on 24th in Ballard near the locks and they make terrific shakes.

A.R. said...

I'll throw my admitted approval into the pot here, too; I was on vacation recently, and endless miles of road studded only with gas stations leaves a vegetarian a bit fearful - especially here in the south, where everything is cooked with bacon, ham, or lard. Of course, a Burger King was the unlikely saving grace for me, and I'm happy to say it was the best BK Veggie I'd had from their locations yet (granted, "best" is a term used rather lightly here, as I'm sure you understand.) Slightly less related, I'm envious of quite a few of the options in your area(s); like I said, the south isn't exactly progressive when it comes to vegetari- okay, anything.

Tofu Hunter said...

Too bad the BK Veggie Burger isn't universal... i guess I got really lucky. Glad to hear there is some BK veggie burger action down south though, unexpected and awesome!

Thanks everybody for your comments!