Monday, May 10, 2010

Peaks Frozen Custard

I had been really skeptical of the new Frozen Custard trend. I dislike egg-y desserts: meringue, lemon bars, custards, no thank you. I don't even generally like "French Vanilla" flavored ice cream because it has too much yolk-y flavor. So it was a rather huge surprise that I totally enjoyed the frozen custard at Peaks in Ravenna.

There are just three flavors at Peaks, chocolate, vanilla and a flavor of the day. (You can read all about why they have just 3 flavors here, but it is more or less because they make and serve all of their frozen custard *really* fresh, within 2 hours, and since they aren't storing the custard, it would be really hard to have a ton of flavors). But they have a large variety of toppings that allow you to angle the flavor whichever direction you fancy.

There was an ordering snafu ahead of me in line which resulted in me getting a good deal on the mistake order. It might not have been what I would have ordered on my own, but it was delicious: vanilla in a waffle cone bowl with milk chocolate sauce.

And I must say: frozen custard is the silkiest, most velvety, exquisitely textured frozen dessert I've ever had. Even more than the flavor, which is creamy and pure, the texture was like beautiful art on my tongue. Amazing. And I was shocked to find and delighted to report that the custard was absolutely *not* egg-y tasting.

Plus, they serve some some darn good chocolate sauce! It was evidently made of good quality milk chocolate and didn't have a hint of the overly sweet nastiness often present in artificial chocolate syrups. All components here were WAY better than I had anticipated.

Dining companion got vanilla with fresh strawberries.

The Peaks website has a nice FAQ section about what frozen custard is. You can read it here. But it sounds like the gist is: Frozen Custard is ice cream that is: frozen very quickly so has very little ice, has very little air incorporated and is thus really dense, served very fresh, served a little bit warmer than regular ice cream, has more than the minimum butterfat and egg yolk.

I am a (surprised) fan!

(Should mention: nothing there for the vegans, unless you just ordered a bowl of fruit.)

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Unknown said...

That was a very informative review- and I cannot agree more- I love that place!