Monday, May 24, 2010

El Siete Mares

I was recently in a full car driving through Yakima on the brink of many things: extreme hunger, fatigue, and the 9'olock restaurant closing hour. While two of us in the car were frantically poking and shaking an iPhone trying to get restaurant recommendations, the driver made a sharp turn into the first promising place he saw: El Siete Mares, Mexican/seafood restaurant and late night lounge. Fair enough.

We were seated in a booth and given chips and salsa. The salsa was tasty and different from the norm in two ways: it was honestly spicy, and it was tomatillo based. It also came to the table with a plate full of fresh lime slices.

The menu had a variety of unusual items, including a $56 feast and some kind of meat wrapped in different meat wrapped in different meat and garnished with different meat. For the vegetarian there was just one thing: Cheese Enchiladas. That and the unfortunate words on every page of the menu: NO SUBSTITUTIONS.

Congratulations in order!

And so it was cheese enchiladas for yours truly. And honestly, I'm not sure if I was responding to the bittersweet joys of hidden lard, the easy replenishment of salt, the high intensity mariachi band playing full strength trumpets a few feet away, or, to quote my dad, the fact that "Hunger makes a mighty fine sauce for any meal," but they tasted delicious.

Vegan choices were non-existent.

Thanks to P for the pictures, and congrats D on the successful completion of the 30PBBC!

No shortage of entertainment at El Siete Mares late Sunday night!

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