Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Columbia City Bakery

I recently went to the Columbia City Bakery for a late breakfast. I had been there before to pick up their wonderful pastries (the almond croissants are a favorite around my house), and sat and drank a cup of tea, but hadn't ever stayed to eat a meal. They have a daily menu that changes a bit and sells out as the morning progresses, including many vegetarian items like quiches, fritattas, etc.

By time we got there, there were two vegetarian savory foods left: a veggie sandwich with goat cheese (strike: I don't like goat cheese), and a Caprese sandwich. I tend to view the Caprese as a greasy vegetarian standby that works, is good enough, but is often too bready and just not all that notable.

And for this reason, I was blown away when I bit into my sandwich and found that it was *really* delicious. The bread was well textured, salty and oily, and had an amazing subtle bit of mint in the herbs across the top. The pesto was fresh and layered on thick (I think this is what made the sandwich so good!), and the mozzarella and tomato were perfect. I savored every bite!

We also ate a pistachio snail, a delicate sort of tender flaky roll with a marzipan-like paste inside and crunchy, caramelized pistachio bits on the outside.

I don't generally drink coffee, but felt indulgent on this day and ordered a delicious mocha. I love a mocha made with real quality chocolate, and this one was awesome.

Going to have to remember the bakery as a good place to get more than just pastries!

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