Tuesday, February 8, 2011


And to finish off my tiny, frugal culinary tour of Maui, I've saved the best for last: picnic dinner on the beach.

My dining companion was really excited about eating some Poke (a raw fish salad that has all kinds of variations) on the trip, and we'd heard that the huge poke selection in the Safeway deli was actually pretty good, and so we went there to supply our picnic.

I was THRILLED beyond expectation to find that there was a vegetarian poke in the midst! It was made of marinated tofu, seaweed (very mild), green onions, garlic, and rich dark, savory toasted sesame oil and fresh greens of some kind. Oh my goodness it was good!

We also had a bagged salad, a warm sunset and a giant beer to round out the meal. (Well, truth be told, salad, sunset, and beer and a nice greasy bag of jojo potatoes. Somehow those didn't make the picture!)

Here's a close up of the vegetarian poke, yum:

Disclaimer: There was some (after the fact) discussion about this salad possibly having Oyster Sauce in it, which could explain why I was hit with an almost obscene savory deliciousness that I didn't recognize as I ate it. The mystery remains.


T. said...

Safeway? Really??!! I'm in Maui at the moment, was in Safeway yesterday for a toothbrush, but snubbed my nose at the deli. Looks like I'm going to have to give it another look. Looks like we just missed each other here!

Tofu Hunter said...

Yeah, Safeway! This particular dinner came from the Safeway in Lahaina, but we saw it all over the Island. The trick is to be sure that you get the FRESH poke (they are labled and there are both fresh and previously frozen varieties). D got the fresh ahi ahi. I don't know if this is normal or not, but when we were there, there was a little Hawaiian grandmother behind the poke counter. They were out of vegetarian poke when we first arrived, and I asked her if they had any more. She said, "We do if I make some more," and then sent me off to shop for a while while she whipped up another batch.

We didn't have time to go to Eskimo Candy, but I'd heard that that was also a good place for poke.