Monday, February 7, 2011

Thai Cuisine

I usually count on Thai food in an unfamiliar city to have something that can be made vegetarian. On my trip to Maui, I looked up reviews of Thai restaurants and found high rating for Thai Cuisine, in the Maui Mall in Kahului.

Eating in a mall, even an open air mall like the Maui Mall, isn't usually a preferred destination, but in this instance is was a great way to eat a tasty, reasonably priced, non-tourism oriented meal.

Thai Cuisine has a nice large selection of "Vegetarian Lovers" dishes that are vegan. We ordered Evil Prince tofu, and Garlic Vegetable tofu.

The Evil Prince tofu was a spicy, rich, flavorful dish made with coconut milk.

The garlic vegetables were especially savory and delicious.

I found both of our dishes to be really tasty... not too heavy, greasy or sweet. What a find!

To add icing to the cake, they brought us a free dish of tapioca coconut pudding at the end of the meal. It was creamy, sweet, slightly salty, and a perfect finish to a wonderful vegan feast.

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