Thursday, May 19, 2011


In Santa Cruz now...
There were a few things that drew me to Buttery right off the bat: First off, the name sounds delectable. Second, rumors about the horrible service were all over the internet, and I am always interested in seeing what it's truly like in a place where people claim they turn around and leave because the couldn't get anybodies attention to take their orders.

I went at lunch time, and the amazing smelling cafe/bakery was bustling. That said, I had no problem at all standing in line and ordering my sandwich in the normal way. I got an avocado and jack sandwich on whole wheat bread.

The sandwich was tasty... it felt like something I'd make myself at home. I liked the little cornichons on the plate.

Sitting in the cafe smelling the bakery was a fantastic sort of torture, and after finishing the savory part of lunch I made a beeline for the pastry case. There was another option for the ordering process to go south... Buttery has a spool of numbered tickets in a wall dispenser and attempt to conduct business based on ticket number. That said, the minute I got close to the baked goods, just scoping out my options before I even had a ticket, an employee noticed me and asked if she could get me anything. There was nothing unfriendly or difficult about the process at all.

And the macaroon that I got (and unfortunately didn't take a picture of) was, hands down, the best macaroon I have ever eaten. It was perfectly moist and chewy with beautifully caramelized outer ridges. It was a real work of art!

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Stacy said...

If you get a chance go to Saturn Cafe in Santa Cruz! Delicious!

Tofu Hunter said...

Ooo, great suggestion. If I'd known about the Saturn Cafe then I probably would have sought it out! Thanks for the comment!