Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Big Mario's Pizza

Big Mario's sells giant, cracker thin slices of tasty New York Style Pizza. I happen to love this style of pizza with the thin almost crisp crust, a complete layer of browned and blistered mozzarella, simple tomato sauce, and a slice so large it begs to be folded into a pizza taco.

You can buy pizza by the slice or by the pie, and there were nearly a dozen different pizzas at the ready for the hungry slice-buyer. I saw plenty of vegetarian options: cheese, fresh tomato and basil, mushroom and spinach, and some kind of Greek looking option. I didn't see any vegan pizzas.

Another plus is that Big Mario's is open LATE (4am on weekends!), which is awfully nice for the bar go-ers in the Pike/Pine boozebath.

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