Monday, December 15, 2008

Beni Hoshi

Beni Hoshi, which used to be a Yasukos, has tempted me from the west entrance to the West Seattle bridge for years and years with the promise of "West Seattle's Best Teriyaki."

I finally stopped and ordered some food to go. They didn't have tofu teriyaki, but they did have tofu yakisoba, so I ordered that.

Food smelled great on the way home, and I was excited to open up the tightly tied plastic bag to reveal my meal. Like at almost every Teriyaki restaurant, the folks at Beni Hoshi take care to double knot the plastic bag that surrounds the Styrofoam carry out container before handing it over the counter, to prevent you (I'm assuming) from adding extra sauce before leaving.

Got home, opened it up, had a bite, and was disappointed. The tofu had the very obvious spongy texture from being frozen, and spooged oil when pressed. The noodles were gloppy, and the vegetables were few. There was a pile of white rice along side the noodles that could have benefited from some of the forbidden sauce.
While it is nice to know that this place has a tofu option, I wouldn't choose to eat it again unless circumstances were really dire.

Beni Hoshi
(206) 932-3395
4402 35th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98126

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Thomas said...

Oh yuck, that place is gross. I think you misread the sign. I don't mean that you got the words wrong, but when you read it, you probably heard it in your head spoken in a reasonable voice. You know that nasally sarcastic voice people use when repeating exactly what someone said, to mock them? Since eating there a couple of times when working nearby as a teenager, I've always read that sign in my head in that voice. Too bad it hasn't improved since.