Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bombs Away

Corvallis was surprisingly full of vegetarian friendly restaurants, and we are really well fed while we were there. The last stop of our vegetarian feasting tour took us to Bombs Away Cafe, a mostly Mexican themed restaurant near the University.

In addition to meat items, they have a huge vegetarian menu, including vegetarian tortilla soup, savory tofu burritos, potato enchiladas, green chili cheese tamales, tempeh burritos, tofu enchiladas, etc. It was pretty much everything you could hope for as a vegetarian at a Mexican restaurant.

I ordered the tamale, and it came well stuffed and aside a big pile of black beans and brown rice.
Also ordered was a vegetarian Chimichanga, a menu item that I immensely appreciated. Vegetarians don't always want whole wheat/brown rice/steamed vegetables/non-fat dressing. Sometimes we want our meals made with deep-fried white tortillas drizzled in sour cream. I have to admit, after tasting this, I wished I had ordered it instead of the tamales.
Thanks so much to our knowledgeable hosts for sharing some of their favorite spots. I miss you guys!

Back to Seattle.

Bombs Away Café
2527 NW Monroe Ave
Corvallis, OR 97330

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