Monday, December 29, 2008

Tawon Thai

Tawon Thai is my favorite of the Thai restaurants in little Thai village that Fremont has become. I like the way the place feels: it is clean and spacious (able to handle the inevitable Fremont lunch crush), and has high ceilings and dark wood furniture.
Another reason I like Tawon Thai is because they have the vegetarian thing understood. They understand about a vegetarian not wanting fish sauce or shrimp paste, and they have a nice section of the menu dedicated to vegetarian options (Spicy Thai Pumpkin, Grilled eggplant, Spinach Soup, etc). But it gets better than that: they also have an indicator (a J for "Jain") next to any other item on the full menu that CAN be made vegetarian/vegan.

And the most wonderful thing is that all of their curries can be made vegan.

Most recently a dining companion and I ordered food to go. We got the Spicy Szechuan green beans with soft tofu (you always have a choice of soft or fried), and a Green Curry with Tofu, which comes with tofu, zucchini, bell pepper and lots of stewed fresh basil in a rich and spicy coconut milk sauce.
Both were excellent. The green beans were cooked until tender crisp and the sauce was spicy and delicious without being too oily. The curry was outstanding. It is rare to be able to order a fully vegetarian curry in a restaurant, and this one wasn't lacking in any dimension.

My only tiny complaint would be that everything was a little bit saltier than it needed to be, but that seems to be par for the course in restaurants, and especially in Thai restaurants.

From a vegetarian perspective, this place is awesome.

Tawon Thai
3410 Fremont Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 633-4545

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