Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Agua Verde

Agua Verde is a real gem located right on the water near the University of Washington.

There are lots of great options: blackened catfish tacos, yam tacos, etc. My favorite thing to do is to order "3 Sides" which comes with 3 hot tortillas. Some of the options are: jalipeno mashed potatos, pozole, cilantro rice, jicama coleslaw and on. In addition, there is a fresh salsa bar which is always brimming with delicious fresh salsa options.

There are plently of good vegetarian options and what look like really good margaritas in addition to the usual non-alcoholic Jamaica, Horchata and lemonades.

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K. said...

I went to Aqua Verde for the first time this week. The mango quesadilla was unreal.